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May God continue to bless you ! We thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the victory in our daily lives. It is our desire that this page be an informative, educational and spiritually refreshing place. We want to invite you to have a special experience with God in our Church where the Holy Spirit is moving. God is still healing, saving and saturating with his Holy Spirit all those who wish to receive the love of the Father. God is here, and we want to see you here as well!

Service Hours



Evangelistic Service 8:00pm



Youth Service 8:00pm



Bible School online 10:30am



Evangelistic Service 1pm & 5pm



Pastors Miguel y Mayra Pagán 

"Our prayer for you is that the God who can do everything, who knows everything and who is Almighty, bless your coming and going, grant the requests of your heart, raise you up, heal you, supply all of your needs and make the impossibilities of your life possible, we believe and declare that the difference in your life will be manifested in the name of Jesus! Amen!

Ministerial Vision


The New Jerusalem Church is committed to expanding the Kingdom of God by building individuals with the expectation of creating leaders through faith in the word of God while affirming personal relationships in an effort to organize ministries, acquire, initiate and support churches domestically and internationally. 

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