Men's Ministry

Alvaro Varela - President

The gentlemen's ministry, "Gideon's 300" are committed to promoting unity in Christ, edifying the spiritual lives of men and empowering them through the word of God in order to enrich the lives of every man of God to fulfill his purpose in his life. . God is calling men to take the position as priests of their homes, we are responding to the call and God is glorifed.


Ladies Ministry

Vanessa Varela - President

The Ladies' Ministry is composed of brave women who represent the ideal of God in a way that manifests itself in the spiritual growth of each individual. With the focus of raising spiritual warriors for the Lord while fulfilling their purposes in Christ, taking into account the limited time they have. Christ is coming!

Children's Ministry

Miguel Pagan Jr & Ruth Howard - Directors

These children love God in a special way! This ministry educates children to search, obey and put into action the word of God, not only in the Church, but in all its ways. These children have their own service where they sing, play instruments and preach among other things. True discipleship, "Train the child in his way, and even when he is old, he will not turn away from him." Proverbs 22: 6

Music Ministry

Daniel Marcano Sr. - Director

These "Levites" prepare the environment and complement the worshiper to establish the conducive atmosphere for a move of God. The dedication to a pleasant sound in the ears of God and his people, along with a level of holiness, allows this group to minister under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Community Outreach Ministries

These ministries are made up of people who truly love God and the souls who are in such need of love and compassion. It's a part of the ministry that represents the mercy and grace of God.


New Provision Ministry

Distribution of food and other needed products to the community

Director Ivan Cruz


New Liberty Ministry

Visitation to the imprisoned by sharing the Word of God

Director Nelson Perla

New Home Ministry

Visiting people in nursing homes and assistance living facilities

Director Javier Tejada

New Health Ministry

Visitation of patients in hospitals


Edwin Perla


New Family Ministry

Ministry Reach and connect with children and youth in orphanages Director Miguel Pagan Jr.

New Harvest Ministry

Ministry to reach the homeless through the love of Christ and supply for their physical needs

Director Harold Aviles

Youth Ministry

Rebecca Tejada - President

The flower of the Church! These young people are on fire for God, raising holy hands to the God who blesses them, strengthens them and fills them with his presence. Promoting unity, holiness and brotherly love in order to demonstrate God's peace and purpose for their lives.

Vacation Bible School

Ruthy Howard- Director

A children's ministry with the focus of devoting a week to the teaching of the word of God while the children enjoy sharing together unanimously!






Bible School Department 

Javier Tejada - Superintendent

Our biblical teaching ministry is the backbone of the Church and we are committed to discovering and applying the word of God to live according to the will of our heavenly Father. "You search the Scriptures, for in them you think that you have eternal life, and these are they which testify of me."

John 5:39

Hands Hands Of Worship (HOW)

Miguel Pagan Jr. - President

This ministry of powerful young people in the Lord is impacting the nations with expressive worship, anointing and the unchangeable word of God. Representing the possibility of being young and Christian without having to be ashamed, marking a generation for the kingdom of God!

 Missions Ministry

Daniel Marcano Sr. - Director

With the focus on the souls that belong to God and motivated by love, this ministry moves with diligence to satisfy needs in countries, people and ministries with much needed resources.


New Jerusalem Church in Honduras

German Núñez Aguilar - Pastor

Acquired in 2011, this Ministry is growing every day, because the Lord is adding to this ministry those who are to be saved.

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